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Stay Home

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Behavior Nation Will be Closed on Friday, July 3. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, July 6.

Why In-Home ABA Therapy

We work to provide a safe and supportive environment in your home that facilitates progressive learning and skills building.

Programs are individualized to meet the needs of each child.

We provide in home ABA therapy for our clients which include direct treatment provided on a 1:1 basis. ABA services include, 1:1 treatment, family/parent education and training, functional behavior assessment, Behavior Intervention Plans to decrease inappropriate behaviors.

Progress is monitored on a daily basis.

Program results are assessed after every session – not just weekly or monthly. Our family-centered approach ensures that programs are adjusted regularly to be able to meet any challenges that may crop up, such as vacation, holidays, medical appointments, etc.

Preparing for In-Home ABA Therapy

Depending on your therapist’s needs you may be required to set-up an in-home therapy room or space. But don’t feel the need to lock yourself and the rest of your household in a room and stay quiet until the therapist has left. Maintain a normal family routine, but also don’t interrupt or interject yourself in the session without the therapist’s input first as it may be counterproductive to the programs being run. It’s also important that you as the caregiver be available or home during therapy for ‘parent training’. It is important for families to learn the techniques to extend learning beyond hours of therapy.


We Are Autism Therapy Specialists

At Behavior Nation, we believe that every child with autism deserves an independent, happy life and to connect with the world. Helping children on the autism spectrum and their families is our singular focus.

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