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Behavior Nation Will be Closed on Friday, July 3. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, July 6.

Clinical Director BCBA

Full Time
CALIFORNIA – All Locations

About the Job

Behavior Nation started with a mission to make quality, evidence-based ABA Services accessible to families that need them. Today, we stand strong with our providers, proud of having served hundreds of families across the Unites States and abroad, helping patients achieve meaningful progress.

Our company’s mission goes much deeper than revenue. As such, we are looking for like-minded ABA providers to become a part of our growing family who will further our mission by fostering a self-sustaining culture of success within the company.

The “Straight Shooters” AKA Job Requirement:

Listen. You have spent a few years in this field, gotten your Bachelors. And a Masters. And a BCBA certification. Probably even a PhD. So we trust you know what this job entails. So we’re on the same page, all we require is that you:

  • Be vested in the ABA Field, committed to the cause, willing to learn and grow constantly amidst the changing landscape that is the ABA field.
  • Be loving and caring for all our patients and their families, willing to go the extra mile to ensure clients receive quality medically necessary ABA Services and Parent Education as well as awareness.
  • Be eager to help others learn and grow with you by providing hands-on training and supervision both in a classroom and in the field.

What’s in it for you?

4 words – Learn From The Best. No matter what your career goals and aspirations are, Behavior Nation will support you through a positive culture of leadership and mentoring.

Clinical Mentorship Program

Is your career goal to excel in the clinical role? We’ve got you covered. Get mentored by our Head of Clinical Team who comes with more than 18 years of experience in the field working in various settings and who has mentored many BCBAs and BCaBAs around the world.

Business Mentorship Program

Is your career goal to maybe own your own clinic down the road? We’ve got you covered too. Get mentored by our CEO who comes with more than 15 years of entrepreneurial experience.

The “Devil in the Details” AKA FAQs

Q1. What is the billable hour requirement for this job?
A1. We do not set any arbitrary (or profit driven) numbers. You are smart enough to know that company cannot sustain a position unless they can make the ends meet. Beyond that, we’d rather have you focus on the “Straight Shooters” mentioned above. And if you’d like to help with the things that make Behavior Nation different (see below), even better.

Q2. What is the Salary Range for this position?
A2. Most companies pay a competitive salary. We consider our employee Salaries to be in the ‘Top-Shelf’ of salaries for this position.

Q3. But really, what are your job requirements?
A3. Ok, so you really want the boring JD? Don’t worry we have that here, but do let us know if you find the “Devil in the Details” as we’d like that corrected: https://hubs.ly/H0rXkMj0

What Makes Behavior Nation Different

Culture With a Cause
Creating a better world for individuals with developmental disabilities is at the core of our company values, and our team acts on their passions to support those values every single day.
Culture of Leadership and Mentorship
We support employees’ interests by providing opportunities to achieve their career goals and aspirations. Our providers have supported and nurtured many aspiring BCBAs and BCaBAs throughout the world through our mentorship programs, and we continue to do so for even more ABA providers.
Families First Pro-bono Program
As part of our commitment to bring ABA Services to families in need, Behavior Nation sponsors eligible families to receive ABA Services, completely free of cost to them.
Free Community Events
COVID-19 may have slowed us down, but we will rise strong. From Free Social Skills Groups for All, to free Parent Training Seminars, we (will soon again) do it all.

Just to name a few things.

About Behavior Nation

Behavior Nation provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). We provide high-quality services for children as well as training and education for their families.